Friday, 14 February 2014

The Return of Swinging Sixties Fashion

Swinging Sixties Fashion was a burst of colour and energy, with lively prints and clear cut designs. It was a fashion revolution, no one had ever seen fashion like this before, and I admire the clothing from back then. 
The style has now returned, with most high end designers and high street brands incorporating 60's fashion into their pieces. This is amazing for me to watch as I have always loved the fashion from that era and am so glad that fashion history has repeated itself. These trends are sophisticated, classy and fun, and I can't wait to see how the style evolves during 2014. 
So let's go back to the 60's and see where it all started... 

Now let's see how the current fashion industry have been inspired by 1960's fashion : 

Introducing ... Coco & Bloom

Today I have the pleasure of introducing a beautiful range of handmade products from the lovely brand, Coco & Bloom. 
Coco & Bloom are a gorgeous boutique of handmade books designed by Jai Taylor. These cute and quirky notebooks and journals are ideal for gifts and are perfect for jotting down blogging ideas.
 These products are absolutely exquisite and you can just tell how much detail and intricacy has been put into crafting these books. I recommend these stunning products and think they are one of a kind, they are beautiful and I am sure you will all agree!

Meet Jai Taylor, the designer, here is some information about how she created the wonderful Coco & Bloom company. 

 " Hi I'm Jai! As a qualified Journalist I love to write but, my biggest love is being creative. I was always running out of notebooks and struggled to find a beautiful notebook or journal to inspire my creative jottings. So, I let my creativity take over and hence Coco & Bloom was born. I call myself the Book Artist and love the freedom of creating the most beautiful books that inspire you to write. Stunning florals and deep Turquoise is among some of my favourite patterns to use and I love using the luxury of satin ribbon tied in a beautiful bow. A gift for yourself or a friend - Coco & Bloom Handmade Books will always be the perfect present." 

So as you can see these products are unique, beautiful and ideal for every occasion. Prices are completely affordable, so why not head over to their website?

Contact them on facebook aswell ! -
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Thursday, 13 February 2014

New York Fashion Week 2014

New York Fashion Week is almost over and done with. And it's been absolutely amazing. I am so impressed with the incredible looks that these designers have produced for A/W 2014 and S/S 14. There has been a common thread throughout this week in the fashion, trench coats, detailed print and masculine feminine fashion. The exquisite detail put into each piece is something that I always look forward to.
Here are some of the amazing pieces that I LOVE from NYFW. Enjoy!

 - Proenza Schouler
- This close up shot, (taken by the Vogue photographers), captures a beautiful clutch. The blend of grey, mint hue's and leather create a vibrant accessory. Notice the nude manicure and brightly coloured gemmed rings. This is ideal for any look. I absolutely love what they've done with accessories. Everything is built to perfection.

- Another beautifully crafted piece from Proenza Schouler.
- The intricate detail in these dresses are excellent. Notice the marble inspired design, I love the mix between black, grey, green and pink. Its a gorgeous and unique style that is essential for winter, they have definitely set a trend with this style.
- Proenza Schouler have done it again. Another brilliant piece. I love the mix of prints, the peplum high necked top is quirky and vibrant.
- I love the edgy collaboration here, the larger prints with a zebra  feel to it work really well. I love the monochrome style to it and they have really inspired me with this outfit.
 - Derek Lam
- Pastel colours are a winter must have. So Derek Lam have pin pointed this with their timeless coat.
- This is a gorgeous coat that can be teamed with pretty much anything, high quality material and intricate detail, you just can't go wrong.
- I also admire the choice of turtle neck jumper that goes underneath. The green ring underneath the high neck is unique and also gives a pop of colour to the pastel coat.

- Derek Lam
- Everyone needs a pair of black ankle boots. And here they are. This edgy boots are ideal for a night out and they also fit into everyday wear.
- These are perfect and I do like how they have included different straps and cut - outs in these footwear.

- Derek Lam
- Ahh, knitwear. Derek Lam have continued their detailed prints with this ensemble.
- I love their idea to match up a knitted jumper with a knitted midi skirt. Midi's are perfect piece of clothing to have for winter and also fit in all year round.
- Notice the unique decision to team up this knitwear with a monochrome turtle neck jumper underneath. I really love this idea as it incorporates different ways to wear clothing all in one outfit, plus they are taking into account that this is an autumn/winter line, and you have to keep warm!

- This is one of my favourite outfits from New York Fashion Week.
- Here we have the zebra print being continued, green and blue are an interest mix but it works very well with this collab.
- The crop top has become extremely popular this year and I  love the high waisted skirt to go with it.
- I like the common theme of the black patterns that run throughout these pieces, bringing vibrancy and brightness to the winter trends that can so often be boring and bland.
- It's really important that designers don't forget that A/W colours are not just black, greys and navy's, and here we have a clear example of the designer incorporating spring and summer colours into their winter pieces. It's a yes from me!

- Derek Lam
- Here is another sleek and sophisticated look on the runway.
This outfit is more geared towards an every day business- esque style.
- The classic blazer is essential for winter, simple and bold, it always works.-
- I love that Derek Lam have kept the colours simple with this, they have not included intricate prints and detail, but have rather worked on allowing their pieces to stand out, which they certainly do.
- Underneath, the white turtle neck goes perfectly. But I absolutely LOVE the skirt. If you look closely you will be able to notice some interesting material with some intricate details in it. The pleated Midi style looks flawless on the runway.
- Also notice the make up choices they have made, I am a big fan of the smokey eye, and this model wears it perfectly. Because the outfit has plain colours, it is amazing to see this bold and edgy eye makeup.

-  Another amazing outfit. I love the choice to keep it all white here.
- The print of holes and cut outs are gorgeous and the cuts on the top are sexy and classy.
- Again we see the midi making an appearance, a classic trend at the moment that I have seen on every runway this NYFW.
- I'm also loving the nude suede heels that they have included here.
- Fur, fur , fur, this is an excellent piece and another one of the bold and unique outfits.
- The fur snood is divine, I love the blend of colours and choice to wrap it over the shoulder. It looks amazing.
- The white/pinky fluffed jumper is classy and warm, I'm a big fan of knitwear so this ticks that box for sure. They have really kept this look bold and minimalistic, whilst keeping to the autumn winter style.
- The skirt is a favourite of mine, the thin pleats in this skater skirt are detailed and bring an innovative twist to the outfit. The skater skirt is a must have for all year round.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Bold Black

I am a massive fan of dark coloured fashion, they can not only be worn all year round, but the colours are bold and unique. Be sure to team up your black, grey and navy clothes with some bold makeup and chunky accessories. Check out my wishlist here. Dark lipstick is a must have, let me know what you all think! Bold Black

Topshop t shirt

Topshop white t shirt

Barts beanie hat
$33 -

H M black eye makeup
$6.50 -

NARS Cosmetics lips makeup
$32 -

Powder Pinks

Powder pinks are all the trend this season. Here are some of my favourite pics from Missguided. Enjoy! Powder Pinks

Missguided skater dress
$49 -

Missguided pink dress
$49 -

$24 -

$36 -

Missguided high heels stiletto
$42 -

Thursday, 6 February 2014

On Trend : Pastels

I'm absolutely loving pastel colours at the moment. Even though they may be a spring trend, these hue's are timeless and can be worn all year round. 
I can't wait to see how London Fashion Week showcases pastel colours into their runway shows. 

Brand of the Week : Esme Vie

Harrods describes this beautiful clothing line as " a timeless aesthetic that transcends seasons". Launched in 2013, Esme Vie takes it's inspiration from 1950s and 1960s classic fashion. I am in awe of their sophisticated and elegant collection. Take a look at some of their incredible pieces. The luxury fabrics used to make their clothing has really drawn me to Esme Vie. 
You can find these items at Harrods .
Check out their website :

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