Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Will Big Brother's Ken Morley ever learn his lesson?

Sexist, Perverse, Racist, need I go on? 
Coronation Street's Ken Morley initially entered the Big Brother house in a quiet, somewhat strange manner, cameras caught him singing and talking to himself, he immediately assumed the role as the house's ' odd old man' role.
Oh, how we were wrong. Slowly, his true persona began to unfold. We began to understand the depth of his dark character. I immediately felt extremely uncomfortable as I sat on my sofa, watching as he claimed twice, that "the bathroom was the best place to look at girls bums". I couldn't help but feel sick at his perverse nature, as Ken, a married man, looked on with lust at 2 girls, Cami Lee and Chloe, who are both young enough to be his daughters. 

The next comment really set me off, Morley laughed as model Cami walked past him, calling her a slut. Not only do I despise the very word, Ken does not know anything about Cami, and for him to brand her with that disgusting word is unacceptable. 

 The sexism kept shooting out of his mouth, with his next misogynistic comment being an extremely uncomfortable one for me. Being close to Chloe Goodman's age, I was sickened to watch as Ken gave Chloe ( A victim of Jeremy's actions) a hard time for reacting the way she did after the unstable Jeremy Jordan opened up her dressing gown, revealing her breasts. 
Ken claimed that she was wrong for reacting badly, as Jeremy is a 'prominent jewish film producer' and she should be on his good side. This very conversation left me feeling sick to the core. How dare he tell Chloe that she should not have reacted badly to when a man , without permission, undid her dressing gown! 

His disgusting comments towards women were to be expected, from a man still stuck in the 1970's. But this does not at all, excuse him for one minute. 
Aside from the extreme sexism , his racist comments, such as using the N - word twice in reference to the lovely soulman Alexander was something I was shocked to hear. 

Alexander dealt with the direct racism in a mature and humorous manner. I cannot comprehend that Ken did not know that this particular word was racist and offensive . His language has no place in today's society. 

Morley complained several times of the outrageous focus that he housemates placed on being 'politically correct' . However, he is SO wrong . It is not about being overly PC , it's about having respect, no matter what gender or race you are. His removal from the house was the correct decision made by Channel 5, but I still think that he should have been removed earlier as he caused so much hurt to his housemates and the viewers. 
I hope that these set of comments made by Morley can show everyone that these viewpoints are not acceptable, and that we must fight to show nasty men like Ken that we are past the age of sexism, racism and general REVOLTINGNESS. 

Right, rant over. 
What do you guys think of the Ken situation? I'd love to know your thoughts. 

Monday, 12 January 2015

Golden Globes 2015 - Best Dressed


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It's that time of year again, Award Season. My favourite season of them all. I am so excited to be posting my favourite looks all throughout awards season, each star always comes out in an incredible piece of clothing. 
Each year the gowns never fail to amaze me, and this year, the designers have really raised the bar. This year was the year of a  more classic and elegant range of dresses, from Versace to Armani Prive, the looks were timeless.
Here are the looks I consider to be, the best of The Golden Globes 2015. 

Girls star Allison Williams turned up the heat in this gorgeous red Armani Prive gown. The subtle ruffles and layers added a unique flare to the gown, and the strapless element was a perfect choice. 

2 time Golden Globe winner Amy Adams looked chic in this elegant pale blue Versace piece. The sleek design is flattering and classic, and the colour compliments her skin tone completely. 

Diane Kruger oozed Hollywood glamour in Emilia Wickstead. The combination of simplicity and glitz is utterly flawless. 

Here is Emma Stone making a bold statement in this sexy Lanvin jumpsuit. The intricacy of the top half is amazing, I love the sequin work that contrasts with the bold black trouser. 

This is one of my favourite dresses from the evening. Kate Beckinsale looks stunning in this Elie Saab gown. It looks like the stars are loving sequins and glitz this year, and Kate's jewellery and makeup compliments the gowns feminine colours so well. 

Lupita Nyongo goes for a daring but amazing outfit this year. Her choice to wear Italian designer Giambattista Valli was excellent, the variation of intricacy in this gown is absolutely incredible. I adore the flower design combined with the fading purple to cream element aswell. 

Downton dazzler Joanne Froggat looked effortless in Marchesa. The floral embroidery is something that I don't usually like, but Marchesa have done this so well, Joanne looks gorgeous. 

Rosamund Pike was the talk of the tabloids because of this jaw dropping Vera Wang gown. The top half is sexy and glamorous, and the the bottom half oozes elegance. She works this dress! 

Ahh, Sienna Miller looked absolutely stunning in this plunging Miu Miu dress. I absolutely adore the detailed embroidery on the gown, an option that many Golden Globe designers have opted to take this year. The intricacy in the material makes Sienna stand out in this gorgeous gown. 

Sunday, 7 December 2014

My Problem with The Victoria's Secret Show


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Every year , without fail, twitter blows up in a burst of glory, to celebrate the Victorias Secret Angels Show. For those of you who don't know, the show displays the brand's most lavish lingerie ensembles, on the industry's top models. With the most famous music acts ( eg. Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber ) performing alongside these starlet models, the show causes a storm every year. 
However, despite the popularity of this show, I have a huge problem with what the show represents. I feel it is a significant catalyst for young women with low self esteem issues. I was scrolling through my twitter news feed on the day of the show, and these were the tweets I came across : 

  • it's that time of year again when it's the Victoria's Secret fashion show aka when my self esteem is at an all time low
  • victoria's secret fashion show aka every teenaged girls' self esteem plummeting through the floor
  • I'm gonna be that girl that watches the victoria secret fashion show crying wishing I looked like them while eating junk food.
  • Victoria Secret fashion show making me regret all of today's food choices
Seeing these tweets really upset me, that the young women of our generation have to regret their lifestyle choice just because they look up to these Victoria Secret Angels. Notice that each model is a size zero, not a curve in sight, what example does this set to women? It tells girls that this is the perfect size, that this is beauty. Particularly teenage girls, will watch the show and see pictures, and believe that size zero is the size they should aim for. This is a large problem with the fashion world, and although The VS Show claims to be a celebration of beauty, it is rather a vehicle in which to boost low self esteem for young women all around the world. Aside from the promotion of the size zero culture, the show displays women as sexual objects, each model prances on stage, grinning ear to ear, in lingerie, encrusted with diamonds, surely this is objectification? 
Through their choice of models and clothing, Victorias Secret have successfully put across the message that this particular look, is what defines a woman as sexy, powerful and beautiful. 
We must take into account that the models reportedly go on an extreme diet, 72 hours before the show, practically starving themselves, in order to walk down that catwalk. They are also heavily caked in makeup, from head to toe, they have been worked on, is this real, fresh beauty? 
Social media has shown, that teenage girls have expressed their regret of eating certain foods due to the VS Show, this is crazy. But this is the world we live in. What happened to the days when curves, and real beauty was celebrated? 
For as long as the Victorias Secret Show goes on, young women all over the world will feel their self esteem go down, and they will continue to aspire to look like these models.
Its time we realise that we ARE good enough, whatever size we are. 
Let me know your thoughts on the show guys, I'd love to hear your opinions. 

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