Thursday, 13 March 2014

Why is society making talentless people famous?

The obsession with the 'celebrity' has reached new heights in the past few years. Our society is dominated by celebrity culture, everywhere we look, there is a billboard, a tweet , a magazine cover, all centered around the celebrity.
I have nothing against those who gain fame as a result of their talent, whether it be acting, directing or singing, they have a right to all the success and fame that they receive. However, I find it difficult to understand why society today is placing such focus on these 'talentless' celebrities. People have become obsessed with these so called stars, from fans to journalists, these people have swamped the world of the celebrity. 
Take the world famous Kim Kardashian, who rose to ultra fame as a result of her infamous sex tape with her then boyfriend, musician Ray J. Following the tape, she and her family were offered their own reality TV show, and the rest is history. 
This women is famous for nothing but a disgusting fame hungry video exploiting herself and reaching new levels of self degradation. Many girls see Miss Kardashian was a role model, someone they aspire to be like and someone they aspire to be like and even someone who is a true embodiment of the perfect woman. I struggle to understand why popular culture so much on Kim and the rest of her family, she has no real talent. Some may argue to that she is a 'businesswoman' but I struggle to think that she has created these ventures, I believe that she has a very skilled team who have shaped her brand. 
This woman is a billionaire, she is in every magazine, website , you can't not know of her existence. I just can't pinpoint why other than her good looks, what can she can offer to her young female fans, apart from exploiting yourself in a sex tape?
Other celebs such as Paris Hilton, heiress to the Hilton Hotels franchise, have dominated the limelight. She, in my eyes, is nothing but a young lady with an extremely wealthy fortune ( and a sex tape aswell!) who has ultimately walked into Hollywood fame and earned a name for herself. 
I find it quite sad that this our celebrity culture, overpowered by talentless people who have a fan base of over a million people. The fact that worries me the most is most of these die hard fans are young girls like myself, who think that artificial and sexual factors will get you fame. 
I just hope that one day society will stop reporting on those with no talent, and start to focus more on the people who can really make a different to the world and be someone who that others can look up to. 


  1. I absolutely love that you did a blog post like this!
    I've been wanting to rant about this and other similar things for ages!
    Well worth the read, and hopefully opens the eyes of many young females out there, there are way better role models to look up to, but in a world where we are run by materialism and have our insecurities taken advantage of by the media we look up and even aspire to be these women!

    Great blog, now following on bloglovin :)


    1. Aww Saffron how kind of you! I'm so glad we agree on this! I really love your blog x I see your from London! We should totally meet up one day because I'm a Londoner too!!!

  2. Yes yes yes! I couldn't agree with you more! Good to see other people feel the same way about these so called 'celebs' who contribute little to society.

  3. It all comes down to this. Sex sells. It taps in to our most primal urges. Marketing knows this and exploits it. Unfortunately it's always been this way. We only see it more because now there are so many media outlets, and they are with us all day long on our phones, email, bill boards etc.

    Luckily, there will always be women and girls don't behave how the media tells them, but while we live in a system that needs to sell sell sell to keep functioning, there will always be people willing to lower the IQ of society to make money by tapping in to those primal urges, whether it's brands, celebrities or the media.

    For example, a designer fragrance brand wants to create a new fragrance. Who do they approach? Astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson? Or Kim Kardashian? Whose persona is easier to sell? Maybe Kardashian is super smart, I don't know, but that's not what she's known for.

    I'm with you though. I can't stand it either. I had to get rid of my TV because I just couldn't stand how useless the programming was. At least online you can choose what to watch.

    Great post, and a topic I could ramble on about all day :D


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